Saturday, February 13, 2010

Man, you gotta like your blues...

Home alone on a Saturday night - for the time being, that is.. Never imagined I'd start this blog this way, had many other ideas of grand opening put on hold. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do (yapacak birsey olmayinca yapacak birsey olmuyo) and say 'let's see how this goes...' (one. two. one-two-three..)

So, my potential readers (and obviously - a girl's gotta have a follower or two, right?) - welcome to never been modern, where you will hopefully find jottings of some interest and of some level of usefulness appealing to your taste. 

Try not to mind my occasional self-centred thesis-crises or academic musings on the books & articles I find either embarrassingly worthless or to be sickly worshipped. After all, I boast to remain a very enthusiastic sociologist who always likes to bash a theory or two.

The title is borrowed from Bruno Latour's We Have Never Been Modern. He once won my heart with the railway metaphor, demonstrating that a global network is as at once thick (historically embodied) as it is scattered, diverse, abstract; that it still remains local at all points: 
The secular explanation of the effects of size proper to the West is easy to grasp in technological networks. If relativism had been applied there first, it would have had no trouble understanding this relative universal that is its greatest claim to glory. Is a railroad local or global? Neither. It is local at all points, since you always find sleepers and railroad workers, and you have statins and automatic ticket machines scattered along the way. Yet it is global, since it takes you from Madrid to Berlin or from Brest to Vladivostok. However, it is not universal enough to be able to take you just anywhere. There are continuous paths that lead from the local to the global, from the circumstantial to the universal, from the contingent to the necessary, only so long as the branch lines are paid for. (p. 117)
So this is the occasional intense stuff. On the other hand, beware - I know no limit in taking light materials seriously - fashion, design music (I draw a line there), travel, movies, shitty gossipy stuff and even some kick-ass cooking, baking and cocktail-mixing (Seriously, the kitchen is actually a lab -megersem- where I experiment on designs for getting my flatmate fat *evil laugh*)

Gotta go now. Nobody should stay home alone on a Saturday night. Even in this crappy town.


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