Sunday, May 2, 2010

The First Sunday in May

This year, the second day of May happens to be its first Sunday.
And that's today - Sunday, the Second of May. Such a lovely day. So lovely that I put on my best mood (in contrast to what I'd donned yesterday) and went out for a happy walk followed by a lovely lunch outdoors.

We went out to this place nearby called Cafemiz
Once when I came to Ankara to visit my grandmother, my older cousins had taken me there and it was even a more magical place to my nine-year-old mind back then. I was wonder-struck. So I always remember that day fondly as I walk past this place, and although I've been living in Ankara for six years now it never occurred to me that I could actually go back to it find it ultimately unchanged in its beauty. Until today, that is.

Here is how it looks like indoors: 

White-washed and charmingly innocent as it is, the weather was so nice we headed at once for the tables outdoors. And, it turned out, volunteered to be the occasional target for bird shit.

Back home, I'm cuddling in my armchair with yet another book by Coetzee. 

And in a couple of hours we'll walk down to Kizilay to watch The White Ribbon by Haneke, another one of my beloved geniuses.

I'll leave you with a favorite poem from, well, another beloved man. I took the liberty to offer a rough translation, hope it's not too bad. (Please forgive me, NHR.)

Bugün pazar.
Bugün beni ilk defa güneşe çıkardılar.
Ve ben ömrümde ilk defa gökyüzünün bu kadar benden uzak
                          bu kadar mavi
                           bu kadar geniş olduğuna şaşarak
                                       kımıldanmadan durdum.
Sonra saygıyla toprağa oturdum,
dayadım sırtımı beyaz duvara.
Bu anda ne düşmek dalgalara,
bu anda ne hürriyet, ne karım.
Toprak, güneş ve ben...

Nazim Hikmet Ran, "Bugün Pazar"

Today is Sunday.
Today they let me out into the sun for the first time.
And I, amazed for the first time in my life 
                   at how far the sky is away from me,
                     how blue,
                     how wide,  
                         stood without a stir.
Then I sat respectfully on the earth,
leaned my back against the white wall.
At this moment no thoughts wandering,
At this moment neither freedom, nor my wife.
The earth, the sun, and I...
I am happy.

All the best,

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