Monday, May 3, 2010

For the love of vintage silver

I grew up thinking silver was the most precious material on earth. My mother, who adored gigantic silver jewelry, was the most important cause of this belief. Later on, I experienced one of the most memorable shocks in my life when I learned that gold - instead of silver - was the material upon which humanity's economic life was founded, and for which wars broke out throughout history. The other most memorable shock came when I learned there were negative numbers. I felt heartbreakingly deceived in both cases.

Silver rings are small things, but there is no reason not to take small things seriously. To the contrary, small things are especially valuable because they carry so much untold or unwritten history that tends to go unnoticed or forgotten. One could trace several family histories in one single ring that might have travelled more than we could ever hope for.

I bought my first silver ring from an adorable couple in a flea market in Kas when I was thirteen years old. I wore it almost everyday for about 7 years, and still keep it. In time, however, my silver ring stash grew large enough to fill a small size basket, so now I can no longer employ the kind of obsessively monogamist accessorizing I enjoyed back then.

Here are two vintage couples from my little basket:

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