Friday, July 23, 2010

Fancy Friday: Fancy picks of the week

I've always wanted to get into the business of doing feature days. As of today, I will start and hopefully upkeep Fancy Friday. It's a big deal to keep your online promises, I know.

Flora Grubb's Vertical Gardens
I covet this vertical garden, not being able to grow even a horizontal one myself. Respect to all the great green thumbs out there.

via Oh Happy Day!

BG Teubner Typography
Victorian typography always makes my day.

via BibliOdyssey

Ernest Hemingway kicking a can
When someone kicks a can, his childhood self says hello.


BP killed Spongebob!
Some say Mexico Bay is Obama's Katrina.

via JazJaz

Use profanity with wit and insight. Don't scatter them around like misused punctuation marks.

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Someone to grow old with
It's been a whole year since she died, but I still miss my lovely Lucille the cat. But last night I dreamt I was reading a book while my dog was snoozing at my feet. Maybe it's time to move on and start a new relationship.

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Birthday Bookshelf
These were on Bookshelf Porn on my birthday:

Windows that make us want to go away

What happens when out-of-print book covers reincarnate into t-shirts? 
Answer: They become unbearably awesome.

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