Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Lunch

Here comes another one of our Sunday food ventures, this time into the heart of Anatolian food (Black Sea food, to be more exact.) We actually started the day with the intention of grabbing a few things from my boyfriend's house and taking a long walk back to mine, so that I could also practice my burgeoning photography skills in the sparing evening sun. Half an hour later I was tricked into thinking "we are hungry." Happens quite a lot lately, but this time I really could not resist, as I ate nothing but cold watermelon with white cheese and bread last week.

The place is called Kuzey Yildizi Samsun Ozel Pide, and this is how it looks like:

The place is notorious for its state-of-the-art "pide"s (I will not offer a translation here, I will not utter the gruesome expression 'Turkish Pizza,' readers should do their own research). I do not prefer fatty food in high temperatures, but this boyfriend of mine is very cunning in matters relating to his tasting buds. He lured me into the Mediterranean garden of olive oil and vegetables, and I could not go back.

We ordered chicken & cheese pide, a dish of three Black Sea specialties (left to right: a sticky paste made with cornstarch & kasar cheese, a chilly tomato & pepper paste, to be put on green bean pickles) and a bowl of veggie stuff for me, which included kabak, domates & biber dolmasi (Zucchini, tomato and green pepper stuffed with rice), kısır (cannot & will not translate), broccoli, scallion and some other green bean stuff. Naturally, as my stomach does not respond well to mind tricks and was already full, I had to have almost the whole thing packed to go. 

Happy end: A glass of the finest, most delicately brewed Black Sea tea.

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