Thursday, August 19, 2010

Confessions of a Flower-Murderer

I was not a flower person. Flowers had no place in the house of a barely-feeding-herself-and-her-cats person. But we moved into a new house last year and swore off the laxed student living once and for all. Well, that was the idea at least. 

I have a tiny balcony in my bedroom, which looked in desperate need of color, so I bought a few flowers in the first days of summer. All of a sudden, the old cement walls and their disturbing washed away pinkish hue were no longer visible - we had a cute lush garden where we could sit and enjoy the summer breeze. 

The last days of summer have come (though the heat wave will stick around I'm sure), and I've lost 3 out of 5 pots to the incredible heat. I'm telling you, I did everything I could, but what can I do if the flower god decided to take them away from me?!

This is the state of affairs now:

Faced with the prospect of another lonely weekend, I picked up a bunch of new flowers on the way home today. I will plant them tomorrow:

I hope not to be a murderer again any time soon.

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  1. i know the feeling. i had this pretty little violet that grandma left here, supposing i could take care. well i somehow did for a while, but then i got so depressed about something that i decided to kill her with me. hell of a terrifying yet real feeling that is. it's like i told her "hey little miss violet, i'm dying here and so will you!". so i stopped watering her. after a while -well my depression is sort of chronical by now you know- i felt terrible. i practically grabbed her and talked to her, trying to encourage her so she holds on to living. it took a few weeks before she could pull herself together but i was like both a companion and a mother to her you see.. now i'm just watering her and no talking because i cant lie even to a plant. i'm telling you, that love and feeling shit is real, they do feel and react. so i'm just being honest and keeping quiet. good luck with your new friends..they're pretty good listeners by the way :)


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