Friday, August 6, 2010

Fancy Friday: Fancy picks of the week

Food: Read Kant, Be Cosmopolitan, Eat with Style
There are some kick-ass food blogs out there. I recently like Almost Turkish and Food Jihad for their somewhat cosmopolitan outlook on world cuisine. Portakal Agaci has the best recipe archive ever!

Beverage: Coffee Genius
I've been craving ice coffee everyday for the past week. Cold and frozen drinks are always tricky, however. Have little sips and you'll have your coffee ruined by the melting ice cubes, or gulp it down and you'll get brain freeze in the morning. And here someone with a beautiful mind came up with the idea of coffee cubes! Of course!

Design: Postmodern Items of Sophistication
Chess must be the most elegant game ever invented. But like most items of sophistication it is slow and boring, which leads to the classic expression "Come on, are we playing chess here?" in a game of backgammon. But with this funky chessboard the ancient game of wisdom has a new silly face. Great for teaching kids how to play, and here we have good design at its best: it is functional, after all.

Typography: Wordle
An easy way to make fancy word clouds. Great fun.

Wordle: Inferences Generalization and ConclusionsWordle: Figurative LanguageWordle: Just a Bunch of Words

Imgfave: Beatles Personified

Photography: Faceka
Look out for this guy. I'm just sayin'.

Illustration: Please Luv Me!
Here is the new inspirational image for our version of Lonely Hearts Club, Rica Etsem Beni Biraz Sevebilir Misiniz?

Decoration: Barenaked Light Bulbs
Dear undergrads, please be informed that you can use naked lightbulbs in your shared apartment and still show some good aesthetic taste.

Recently Coveted Stuff
Macaroni mugs from Pasabahce. Nice.

Book: Can Derrida Learn to Live?
"There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide," Camus argued in the Myth of Sisyphus. Faced with terminal cancer, Derrida tackles with this question of the absurd ("Is life worth living?") in his last interview, suggesting that he has never really learned to live, since "learning to live should mean learning to die, learning to take into account, so as to accept, absolute mortality." Dasein, beautifully stated.

Movie: Jules et Jim
Watch out for the mosquito crawling between the kissing lips in Amelie. This is where it comes from.

Craft: Alexandar Henry Fabrics
More on the cultures of life and death, this time on fabric.

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