Friday, August 13, 2010

Fancy Friday: Fancy picks of the week

I had several entries up my sleeve this week, but my ambitious exercise routine coupled with the heat wave and prevented me from finalizing them. I need good light for the photographs, so I'll start working on them tomorrow. In the mean time, here are the picks for this week.

Silverware: Royal Dining in the Baroque Age
In a previous entry, I once lamented about the way silver seems to be underestimated, and how I was disappointed to find out that gold was the currency throughout history. The current exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in NYC, however, says otherwise. Vienna Circa 1780: An Imperial Silver Service Rediscovered exhibits Sachsen-Teschen silverware and pays tribute to the splendor of royal dining during the ancien régime, when silver was the precious metal of choice: "A service like that was nothing else than putting the state treasury on the table and on public display." Wow. A big turn-on for the petit bourgeois in me. Be still, my heart, and listen to the curator tell the magnificent story here.

Graphic Design: Letterpress Classes
I'm overcome with grief and envy. We have a print house at school, lovely place. I think I'll have a trip down there for a little schmoozing one of these days, and get me a crash course on press techniques.

via Oh Happy Day

Undergarments: A Simply Modern Take on Items of Sexiness
Now we have proof that you can do without the lace and the ribbons. Be skimpy with style, doll!

via wit + design

Photography: Classic Beauty
Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren are the classic beauties. Ingrid Bergman is casual and exquisite. Check out the archives of Life magazine for more eye candy. 

Movie: Music in Dublin
I'm a great fan of movies about music. (And Nick Hornby novels, incidentally.) And I'm telling you, Hugh Grant was an epic fail in that film. Somehow his British charms did not go well with Drew Barrymore's completely American girl-next-doorsiness. Let's see how this Once turns out: "This low-key story of a busker on the streets of Dublin (The Frames’ Glen Hansard) who meets a girl that digs his songs is one of the most heartfelt celebrations of music ever filmed. Its handheld realism is the cinematic equivalent of a great live show—a palette-cleanser that strips away layers of studio lacquer in favor of warm tones and deeply soulful characters." (from Paste)

Vintage: Stamps & Envelopes
I came across this in I go by Katie. Paper this fine calls for some penmanship balls. (Clears her throat as she adds: "Oh yea, that's me!") Watch out for the cute & crooked twig pencils.

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  1. that life magazine archive is now officialy a source of procrastination for moi, thank you so much!
    by the way, I never had the chance to say it but I love this, keep bloggin' baby :)


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