Friday, August 20, 2010

Fancy Friday Picks IV

Stuff: Literary Mugs
Perfect mug kitschness for Austen junkies.

Photography: Image of a fleeting moment
I'm speechless, can't stop looking at this. I think I'll fold it and put it under my pillow.

via ill seen, ill said, via electric feather

Letter: The beautiful death of Aldous Huxley
The poetic account of the death of an author, by his wife: 
I had the feeling actually that the last hour of breathing was only the conditioned reflex of the body that had been used to doing this for 69 years, millions and millions of times. There was not the feeling that with the last breath, the spirit left. It had just been gently leaving for the last four hours.

Which reminds me of Les Invasions Barbares, another account of a beautiful death.

Book: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
I KNEEEEW IT! (For correct emphasis, please refer to Les Miserables, the scene where Javert -played by Geoffrey Rush- barks desperately with a mouthful of spit upon finding out that M. le Maire is actually Jean Valjean.)

I knew there was a writer out there with the best, the most crisp sense of humour! I'm sorry Douglas Adams, I've been neglecting you for so long. It's not that I didn't know you, and I did linger in at least a few pages of your books whenever I spotted them in bookstores. I just didn't want to mess things up with Coetzee, you see, who is the love of my life. We both feel ready for an open relationship to pursue our private passions now, and I'm guessing he might fancy you as well.
In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and had been widely regarded as a bad move.

Food: Summer salads
Abuse them summer fruits, while you still can!

Design: Poolga
Crazy wallpaper designs to flatter your Apple gadgets.

Craft: Oilcloth sandwich bag
Why didn't I think of this before? Time to raid Cath Kidston online store for fabric goodies! Dear grandma's sewing machine: Be not afraid, I think you'll like this one.

Dance: Pregnant Ballerina on the Beach
This will be the love child of Artemis and Dionysus, perhaps taking after a bit of uncle Apollo too.

Music: Songs from my summer
8 tracks to brighten up your day, I hope. Have a lovely weekend!

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