Friday, August 27, 2010

Fancy Friday Picks V

The Most Succinct Image: 1990's

The Most Succinct Word: "Volunteer's Dilemma"
According to Wikipedia, "Mamihlapinatapai is a word from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the 'most succinct word,' and is considered one of the hardest words to translate. It describes 'a look shared by two people with each wishing that the other will initiate something that they both desire but which neither one wants to start." Wow.

Philosophy: List of Unsolved Problems
This list is great fun! I'm relieved to hear that someone put a name to this: "The Munchhausen Trilemma, also called Agrippa's Trilemma, purports that is is impossible to prove any certain truth even in fields such as logic and mathematics. According to this argument, the proof of any theory rests either on circular reasoning, infinite regress, or unproven axioms." Hear that, all you empiricists and rationalists who caused that great philosophical cold war in 17th &18th centuries? And we people in the field of social sciences, of course, are all familiar with Moore's Disbelief: "What you say is true but I don't believe it," or "Bu, rabbin dedigidir, lakin ki oyle degildir."

Photography: List of Online Photography Magazines
Great resource, also the ultimate online tool for the experienced procrastinator. Here are a few favorites from the burn magazine:

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