Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grudge alert

Woe to that dreadful day in January! What kind of a person am I to be still having nightmares about it, where I try to kick that girl out of my home but she transforms into a jellyfish and literally "sticks around." You repugnant creature of my subconscious, where are your manners?! Even Gregor Samsa was a proud gentleman-like insect who knew his limits, you know. And where are the Inception people when you need them?

By the way, there's a follow-up to this song by Lesley Gore, called Judy's Turn To Cry. (Yaşasın kindariyet!)

PS: I'll be damned if I let another day like that happen again. (Prensipli kindar.)

Kings of Convenience - It's My Party (Hilarious Lesley Gore Cover)

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