Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Obsession: Is Paul dead?

First reaction - "No, it can't be. There's the government, the police and so on.." 
(There was no CSI, no DNA back then.) 
Second thought - "Why would they bother?" 
(Something called "money" that the music industry is lusting after.)
Third - "But he still sings!" 
(Can he write?) (Can Lennon sing?)
Fourth - "No. Yes. No." 
(Even if, maybe, but, still, come oon...)
Last - Blue in the face with total confusion. 
(I don't care, but why??, coincidence, conspiracy, murder, what are the clues??? Why should I care? But WHY??)

Yes, today on September 2, 2010, I heard about "Paul's dead," possibly the biggest hoax in pop history. I've been telling myself that the truth doesn't matter and I don't care, but I've had to do that constantly for the past 2 hours. I already made a quick research. Here are the facts:

- First known printed article on the subject "Is Paul McCartney Dead?" was written by Tim Harper on 17 September 1969.

- Few weeks later, DJ Russ Gibb aired a call from a student at Eastern Michigan University, who stated that when the beginning of the song "Revolution 9" is played backwords, the voice says, "Turn me on, dead man." He also told Gibb that at the very end of "Strawberry Fields Forever", a muffled voice says, "I buried Paul." 

- 3 years earlier, on 9 November 1966, McCartney had had a nasty car accident following an argument during a Beatles recording session. 

- Just around that time, a guy known as William Campbell had won a McCartney look-alike contest.

- McCartney's girlfriend broke up with him after the crash.

- There was a period of recession for Beatles, after which Lennon started to emerge as the new frontman and the major songwriter.

- The suggestion is that dead Paul was replaced by William Campbell "in order to spare the public from grief." 

- Mysteries and clues referring to songs and album covers piled up through the years. Here, here, and here are some examples.

Everyone denied the rumors and the alleged clues, of course. It's all a hoax. And people are still talking about it because I guess that's the magic of celebrity mystery and gossip. Right? You know, just for fun.

Paul McCartney said:
Anyway all of the things that have been, that have made these rumours, to my mind have very ordinary, logical explanations. To the people’s minds who prefer to think of them as rumours, then I am not going to interfere, I am not going to spoil that fantasy. You can think of it like that if you like. However, if the end result, the conclusion you reach is that I am dead, then you are wrong, because I am very much alive, I am alive and living in Scotland.
Oh somebody please put me out of this misery, I can't stop thinking about it!

(Images & some info from wikipedia, some from aboutthebeatles.)

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