Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chicken Soup & Pepper

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, which is about the worst thing that can happen if it happens this week. (i.e., GRE in 8 days! About 3280 more words to memorize?!) (Not to mention Ph.D. Applications in 1 month! Thesis in 2 months!) (OK, to be realistic I can't memorize more than 500 vocab total).

But I'm optimistic, I feel that somehow my endless appetite for winter fruits (tangerines!) will get me through this one. I also stacked my metabolism with all the necessary preventive medicinal powers. I'm loving this rainy coldish fall weather, I will not complain about almost-catching-a-cold. I'll gulp down imuneks & linden tea instead.

I'm in a very dreamy, distracted, and (as is obvious above) very optimistic state of mind, as if I'm high on lollipops and jellybeans. I want to tousle fallen leaves, hold hands in the rain, wear chunky cardigans, study polynomials and memorize ridiculous words like lackluster. My inhumane work & study schedule almost seems... fun!? Could life really be... good?! I suspect that my euphoric state might be due to the prospect of leaving next year. Either that, or because we have the apartment's central heating system working finally and my feet are comfortably warm. Not sure.

This is why I use coasters,
you devilish cup o' jo!

Wouldn't that be nice:

If Hogwarts doesn't work,
I might like to go to Iceland instead,
where there are 

& cotton fields!

This is the perfect season for Smiths songs,
they thrive & ripen in rainy weather:

Dreams for the weekend:

This is a very clever way to promote

PS: When women with big feet find men with big feet, they make Avatar weddings. We'll have one this year. 

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