Sunday, October 17, 2010

Collected images

I like to collect fun and pretty images from around the websites I visit.
They all end up in the "Misc." folder on my desktop, which is getting kind of bulky.
Here are some of the images in the notorious "Misc." folder. 
Unfortunately, I don't keep records of where I found them. 
If someone recognizes an image, please let me know. 
I try to be pretty meticulous about correct references.

Shoes & security! One of the most wonderful moments 
in recent world history is when that man 
threw his shoe at a US president. 
Remember that day, it will make you smile.

This one was somewhere in Germany, 
perhaps as part of an art initiative or biennal..
Who doesn't like yellow umbrellas?


This picture always calms me down...

...and this one makes me remember to cherish people I love...

...and whenever I look at this one below, 
I feel sad because I can't find a nice 
coffee house near where I live. 
(We used to have Sili Kahve Evi just around the corner, 
next to a florist and an antique shop. I miss it.)

I think this guy defines coolness.

Did you know that I collect Marilyn Monroe photos, 
especially the rare ones taken when she was old and graceful?

Coffee & milk. And polaroid, of course.

"This is my outfit" blogs often bore me to death,
but there are a few out there that are just amazing.
This look below has won a permanent place in my heart.
Despite the peephole boots.

Did you know that I also collect Audrey Hepburn photos,
especially the ones in which she is almost sad (but not quite)?

Checkered skirt, pastel colors, polaroid.

I also started collecting Nico photos 
after someone said I looked like her.
Which was nice.

One of the hardest things in this life is to try and 
keep your eyes off a happy and confident woman,
especially when she wears polka dots. Isn't it?

 Pastel colors, cotton flannel shirts, polaroid.
Sleepiness, at-home-ness.
I might've dyed my hair back to its natural darker color after this picture.

Some of the people around me live by this code:
(bkz. el sakalari)

More umbrellas! More bright colors!
This time in France, I think.

There's something infinitely alluring about
a young Mick Jagger gaping at the TV
as he reclines casually on the sofa...
(And also this might be the first time I saw a 
B&W television on a B&W picture.)

... but then, there's always something alluring 
about the young Mick Jagger.

Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Haha I like this one,
"Cupcake devours cookie":

Birol Unel. He also oozes coolness.

These are some of the photos I collected while looking for
apartments to rent. They exemplify what I mean when I say
I want BIG windows and OPEN spaces.

I can't remember the name of the artist. 
It's an unfinished auto-portrait I saw in 
the National Portrait Gallery in London. 
I was mesmerized by the eyes.

Jacques Derrida's library
of the books he's written.

The revolution.

There's also something innocent yet devilish
 about the young Meryl Streep.
I want to watch Manhattan again.

Another picture that calms me down.

I love exteriors painted in primary colors...

...which always reminds me of Frida.

I'm sure I'd like Picasso best 
if I happened to meet every famous artist personally.
Look at him: he's so funny, so witty, and always so very friendly.
Bread fingers!

two favorite inspirational quotes.

PS:We overdosed on The Smiths yesterday night. I felt like nineteen again.
Here's a charming man to brighten up your cloudy Sunday afternoon.

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