Friday, October 22, 2010

Fancy Friday Picks VII

I opened the door, put my bags down, took off one shoe right there, closed the door, took off the other shoe half way down the hall, went to pee, went to my room, took off my clothes, put on my pijamas, tied my hair up way off my neck, collected my hall-shoe & doorstep-shoe and placed them properly, took my bags, brought them to the living room, took out my tumbler, and finally - threw myself to the couch.

All this must've taken about 3 minutes.

Now I look at my watch and it tells me I've been gaping into the distance, thinking nothing & not even remotely conscious of my expressionless face for the past TWENTY minutes! I've been just a heap of meat & bones, a mere existence wasting world's space for almost half an hour! This happens sometimes - especially when I'm overloaded and my mind is partitioned to deal with a zillion different tasks & worries. Apparently, you can't help it when the system wants to shut down, cool off & reboot. To push yourself so hard to have an introductory experience of sheer dumbness. So eerie.

Anyway, back in business now. I'll start working on the fancy picks shortly, although I have (or perhaps precisely because I have) a zillion more important things to attend to. But it's Friday for Godssakes.* It's the end of a horrible throat-sore-ing, nose-running, mind-numbing-Theraflu week. I need to waste some time before I resume the GRE marathon.

(*Reminds me of one of the fun Kinderreime I memorized long ago for learning to count the days of the week, which recounted the week's work schedule & ended with the exclamation "Sonntags nie!" For me - it's rather nie an Freitagen!)

Back with the fancy picks shortly!

Listen: Commercial Songs
Listen to this great song by the wonderful Ingrid Michaelson.

IwantIwantIwant Alarm: Academician's Bag
I've raided jungles of too-big, too-small, too tacky, too plain etc. leather bags for many a season and finally cast my eyes on the ultimate dark brown leather bag in perfect size in 2008. It's a sturdy, well-earned & well-bought piece that can carry a truckload of books and still probably last me a lifetime.
So, having found the perfect one, I swore off dark-brown leather bags for good. I never ever looked at them, until recently I came across this beauty at Topshop. Fully aware that I am not likely to purchase a leather bag online nowadays, I dream of it night and day.

Tonsorial* discontent: Just a phase or "scissor envy"?
I started playing with my hair a lot, and daydreaming about getting a shorter haircut. It's always a critical decision but it's much worse when you get used to ridiculously long hair & want to get rid of it because it loses the volume & there are split ends all over the place - but then you can't because you've gotten used to it.  See what I mean?

You don't play with hair length. It's a leap of faith into the unknown.

So, all of you my friends out there who are thinking about a new haircut because your head's become one big shaggy mess like mine - Don't! Let's invest in some natural remedies instead. For your information, the products I've used & were immensely satisfied with are: Daddy-O shampoo from Lush, hair mist & repair mask from L'Occitane, and the dry ends serum from Avon. A more wallet-friendly and in fact better & longer lasting product is the essential oil mix I buy for 10 TL at my local aktar. Soak your hair in an oil mix once a week for half an hour before taking a shower. Seriously, it does wonders.

(*Tonsorial and sartorial are beautiful words.)

Desk Mess: Organizing clips
You've seen the state of my desks lately. These clips would come in very handy, obviously. But these 4 will not suffice. At the office, I'd also need an "ignore" clip for bureaucratic tasks that take a loooong time (like the equivalency letters to YOK), a "grudge" clip for tasks that need to wait because they relate to evil parents that prey on me, a "call to harass" clip for things that superiors forget or simply choose to ignore, and a "missed deadline" for things that are worse than urgent. Finally, not a clip but a whole folder entitled "if only there were 30 hours in a day & I could survive on 5 hours of sleep" for the relevant stuff in my life, such as the piling articles about public space, which need to be incorporated into the dullest discussion in my thesis.

Breakfast: Sit down and eat properly.
On weekdays I dunk one Cokoprens in my coffee at the office, and call it breakfast while actually skipping it. This is why I follow simply breakfast: in order to remind myself what a real weekday breakfast should look like.

I do know what they look like on weekends, of course:

Design: Space-Place-Culture-Identity (& Time)
Why would we want to pinch the earth? What memories does it have, and what do we want it to memorize? What do we want to attach to a place? What makes a (social) space hold-together? My heart skipped a beat when I first saw this picture below, which summarizes my theoretical feelings about space-place-identity. The artist is surprisingly very close, (really very close, across the corner in the next building) which lures me into thinking about an interview.

via Milk

Moleskine: Genius!
I asked my iPod Touch. Needless to say, we both like it.

Nese found it, we drooled over it.

Food for thought: Human parts of speech/act?
How about from now on we utter the word "human" not as a noun or an adjective, but a verb - a word signifying performance? I think the world would be a better place. How do we conjugate the verb that is human? Isn't it exciting to think of conjugation as deconstruction? Reference to this sweetest, most delicate thought can be found in original Turkish right here. (via EvvelFanzin)

Have a fun & productive weekend, everyone!


  1. I like you :o)
    I've had the same "Iwant" alarm for another god damn expensive academician's bag for several months. I totally understand. I mean, I want it so badly, it hurts sometimes. check this site out:
    They have a store on my way to library. Every time, I lean my face against their window with my best puppy look, and think "you'll be eventually mine my gorgeous!". must be seen like a stalker :O)

  2. ♥
    Ruyalarda bulusuruz diyip gececeksin arkadasim.


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