Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random photos from Ankara

(This is a permanent solution to the posts I've been postponing.)

We took a walk on Sunday 2 weeks ago. (I just realize it's a bit of a routine now, isn't it?) 
This time, our purpose was to eat the best doner in town. 

So, we went to Cici Piknik in Kizilay.

This beauty is as good as it seems. I felt like a child again. Seriously.

Tea for 1 TL At The Original BeBe Cafe.

I always keep an eye out for flowershops...

...and usually invest in a nice replacement before I get back home. 
This one replaces the withered strawberry plant.
(Mevsimi gecti artik zaten bi nane olmazdi ondan.)

Here they are settled in my favorite yellow flowerpot. 
Notice how the aloe vera to the right is thriving. It only had two arms when I first planted it.
Which proves I'm not killing them all. Not intentionally at least.

This building never ceases to amaze me. 

Each flat has its door to the open corridor on each floor. Like a hotel.
And each flat is duplex. I know because we visited the studio on the top floor once.
If I was a burglar, I'd certainly check this apartment inside out. 
Just to understand how the architecture's possible.

Another favorite apartment. Very very old.
Maybe I should collect photos of buildings I like in Ankara..?
Contrary to what one might think, it's not hard to come across interesting buildings here.
I can start with the ruinous heap next to our apartment. Really interesting, that one.

The concert we said we'd definitely go...
...and then definitely missed.

Time for dessert at MADO. 

What's this called? 
A tricycle motorbike?
Yellow submarine?

These two Beetles brighten up our street.
The purple one belongs to a judge

I did mention I always keep an eye out for flowershops, didn't I?

Well I'm sort of obsessed with this one on Cinnah.
The big bunch of daisies below costs 40 TL.
Once I asked if they had one in a smaller pot. They didn't.
And today I saw the daisies were picked up and placed in big bouquets.
So much for unrequited love.

Another thing I like about our street.
We have doves!

Nowadays, this is how my desk looks like.

And this is the perpetual state of my desk at the office.
Notice the Shine A Light poster and the 'hydrate!' note-to-self.
I like them very much.

If a campus doesn't look nice & cozy in fall, it's not a campus.
Remember that.

The Blue Buses that take us home.
(And some of you may recognize the two sociologists walking.)

Official commencement of Fall in Ankara last Sunday: Eymir Lake Fest, of course.
Lovely weather, beautiful lake, friends in a band & Jagermeister* to warm your limbs.
(*Special thanks to Shallow River for carrying it all the way from Berlin for us!)

These two pictures were taken in Eymir during a summer UNO frenzy.


But of course, now we have the beautiful fallen leaves.

These last two are a bit miscellaneous.

A few weeks ago, I was tidying up my room in order to open up some space for winter clothes.
I found  this newspaper dated August 2006, featuring our team* when we were volunteers at a Caretta Caretta Research camp in Dalyan.  
(*Shallow River was blond back then.)

Last but not least, a DIY advice.
Did you know that toothpaste can be used to polish & gloss up faded silver?
Put some paste on the silver, rub between your fingers for a few minutes, or use a cloth,  then rinse, and admire your shiny silverware.

Now I go back to my GRE vocabulary, which makes me wonder - I might as well have picked up English on the streets instead of studying it (Honors Eng Lit & all) for more than a decade at academic institutions. But I shall persevere. (There's a word for this - aplomb (n), which means, I think, poise & assurance, even in embarrassing situations, like keeping your head high. I can't give an example though.) (And I don't want to be able to use it in context. It's an ugly word!)

(...Breathing exercises...)

(...Reassuming initial cheerful state of mind...)

(...In Progress...)


Take care, keep calm, stay focused & eat tangerines!
See you around.

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