Sunday, October 24, 2010

Earmuffs & mittens on NBM

As of today, all summer clothes are removed from my wardrobe. I sorted everything into categories: "wore this enough, has holes in it, wore this more than enough, never wore this & probably never will, the jacket that defines me but is 2 sizes too big, the jeans i will squeeze into again hopefully in a near future." Then I commanded myself: "Only what I need will stay." Obviously there were a lot of casualties. They're in a bag by the door.

After I said goodbye to summer, I brought out the big guns, the ultimate material of winter: WOOL. When I say wool, I do not mean the threadbare cotton-wool mix, mind you. I'm talking about the kind of wool that is so pure you need to stash it with mothballs; a wool that is so coarse it burns your skin; and the quality wool that is so untainted the smallest amount of moisture will make it stink. (i.e., wet dog in the rain)

As I washed woolen garments all day, I thought the blog design could also use some change. (When you have wool all over the place, you don't like looking a picture taken in 35 degrees.)

So I thought maybe I could try this one below as a title for a while:

What do you think? Gideri var mi, ya da daha erken mi?

The deed is done.

1 comment:

  1. I definitely like this one taken in Taksim, go for it.


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