Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The most sinister statement: "Shop, 'cause you earned it!"

For reasons quite obvious (I've been stuck at my desk for weeks, can't leave the house, unbelievably unkempt & bored), I've been the most insane shopper for the past few days. It's as if I've lost all sense of humanity or femininity, and try to compensate it with ornaments and apparel. I do not even stop to think whether there's really an occasion for me to wear them - and there being none, and me not leaving the house, it becomes all the more depressing. All these new stuff in my closet, my books, my laptop, and me. At least now we're alone together. (Sniff..)

I don't have any regrets. I've spent half my income, but the temporary thrill was worth it. The worst thing, however, is that now my eyes are open. I can't stop wanting things!

Previously, I did not even know Pull & Bear had a website, for instance. Now the things I've seen haunt me night & day.


Everything is so alluring.. I want to drown in shoes & scarves. What's wrong with me? Is this another thesis syndrome?


I don't know where this greedy desire comes from. I insanely covet everything in the picture below. It's as if I might leave the house right this minute, go to the closest mall and spend my brains away. Not wise, but I want them.


And the headphones! Did you know P&B sells headphones? Do they have it in here? (Because if they don't, it's easier for me to order online anyway..) (God! What's wrong with me?!)


Let's come to our senses and listen to some awesome music. I've always been fascinated by the music in P&B stores. Luckily for me, they put up a playlist, check it out:

Pay particular attention to "Not in Love" by Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith!

(Has this entry been too commercial? I didn't intend to. But it shows how I've fallen prey to such things..)

One of these days, I should go out & get some fresh air. Really really fresh air.. The mountains, for instance. That'll barely compensate for the loss of brain cells in my head.

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