Saturday, February 5, 2011

Facing failure

I'm failing, and not because of the obvious fact of receiving the first of the many more rejection letters to come. I'm failing, because I fail to face my failure in dignity. I have never been able to do that. I avoid feeling anything, instead of embracing the failure gracefully. Not that we can always learn from and grow with our mistakes. Sometimes, most of the time, there's no cohesion from which we can make sense of the things that go wrong in our lives. But still, how you face failure is important. It makes you who you are. You can say things, make up principles, hope for the best, for the worst, expect and prepare - but in the end, how you face the crisis is what defines your fabric, your place in life. And I'm utterly failing to claim that place. I run away from it, instead of taking the opportunity. Being in the right place in the right time - that part is easy, it's chance, and I've been there numerous times. Being in the wrong place in the wrong time, however, is just as important. We all need a new perspective on things, it's part of growing up, - and also, it comes with the job.

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